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How to Choose the Best Fly Rod for Steelhead

Luckily, a good salmon and steelhead rod can be had for a reasonable price. Rods like the KastKing Krome and the Lamiglas X-11 can be purchased for less than $150 – offering excellent value for your money. Although salmon and steelhead rods are fairly specialized in terms of design, many can also double as pike, muskie or walleye rods. Similar to choosing a fly rod for other species, a good rule of thumb is: the larger the fly, the larger the rod. An optimal Steelhead rod is powerful, strong, and lightweight with increased reach, so start there then consider fly choice. Find flies here. Winter Vs. Summer Steelhead. Choosing a rod. For a beginning steelhead angler, Dennis Hull, owner of Bite Me Guide Service in Oregon, recommends an all-purpose fishing rod. Most steelhead fishing rods will measure between 8 feet and 11 feet in length but an all-purpose rod will measure 8.5 feet in length.

01/01/2009 · Bang, or "tap tap", in these instances you need a quick hook set. That is where a good, light fast action rod is an advantage. The rod picks up on the hit, and gives you time to react. Again, with my IMX rod.there is no missing it. Choosing The Right Salmon And Steelhead Rod. 09/04/2012 · Not something I recommend for a beginner to try to learn and catch fish at the same time. So keep in mind, to keep the budget down, use your 10'6" rod. You can get a smaller spinning rod, but save your self some money and get your practice using one rod to become familiar with your rod. Once you become more advanced, add more rods to your arsenal. 23/01/2010 · Italo Labignan, the host of Canadian Sportfishing demonstrates the best rod and reel combo to catch migratory rainbow trout. Produced by canadian- for Csf 24 13 Tip 1.

20/12/2019 · Is There Such Thing As a “Steelhead Rod?. Yes, there is such thing as a Great Lakes steelhead rod! In this sport, the rod is the single most crucial element of the sport. 10, 11, and 12 foot rods are needed the new lightweight switch rods embodies all of this. 10/11/2019 · But there are also plenty of places where you don't need a long cast or a long drift, and you'd be fine with the shorter rod. When I started out, the first couple years I caught steelhead on a 6'6" medium action trout rod, but getting a noodle rod made everything easier - casting small offerings, getting good drifts, fighting fresh fish. 26/12/2016 · I would suggest no more than 12 pound good quality line for steelhead and 20 or 25 for salmon. Your drag should be set at 1/3 the breaking strength of your line. As far as rod weight goes I would suggest a rod rated at 8-15 pounds for steelhead, or 10-30 pounds if you intend to use it for both steelhead and salmon.

05/12/2010 · Looking for ideas on what is the best spinning rod for steelhead fishing! I like to drift fish from the bank and do multiple methods, from bouncing off the bottom with a corky and yarn setup to doing some float and jig setups as well. Looking for recommendations as far as length of rod. At a Glance: Salmon & Steelhead Combos. Salmon and Steelhead are known to make the angler work for it. With rod and reel combos, you can be absolutely sure that your equipment is built to work for it. To start with the rod, I have the G Loomis STR1162-2S 6-10lb 9”8”. The Steelhead Series is designed to have the necessary sensitivity to detect the light steelhead drift bite and this rod very much so, exceeds my expectations of sensitivity. This isn’t my first steelhead series rod;. Fishing with bait requires a bit more finesse than when using lures and chances are your steelhead rod setup will probably either be a spinning rod and reel or a centerpin reel and a long float rod for drifting. All reels need to have a high quality drag and should be able to hold at least 110 yards of 8 lb line. View Salmon & Steelhead Rod Recommendations. Salmon & Steelhead fishing rods are a prime forte of Lamiglas rod-building prowess. We've got specifically designed rods for trolling, plug fishing, float fishing, casting spinners and spoons, center-pin, drift fishing, bobber-dogging, twitching and beyond.

By Christopher ‘h3llcat’ Heller Steelhead Rod Rotation Number One: The Drift Rod Typical drift outfit: Method best suited using a casting set up This Steelhead rod can range in length anywhere from 8’6″ with a rating as light as 4-8 test all the way up to 10′ and a salmon heavy rating of say12-25 or []. So, back to our original topic. Switch rods for Steelhead. Very good. If you have an 11’ switch rod with a 23’ head, like a Rio Scandi Short body or Skagit head with a 10’ chunk of t8 and a 3’ mono leader and you can get the line to lay out straight, it will fish 47’ out from your feet.

Most steelhead rods tend to be a little lighter and more sensitive than salmon rods. A good all-purpose rod might be an 8 ½ footer rated for 8-12 pound test line with a medium heavy action. Most experienced anglers prefer a bait casting set-up over a spinning set-up. Shop All the Best Steelhead Fly Rod Outfits from Sage, Scott, G Loomis, Winston, Orvis, Echo, TFO, Redington at ReelFlyRod, the World’s Premier Fly Shop. First Salmon/Steelhead River Rod & Reel. Everyone has an opinion, here’s another. If you’re just starting with river fishing gear fishing, not fly fishing, I would recommend starting with a Baitcaster Reel and Casting Rod. There are so many great options with the Centerpin, Spinning combo, etc. CLASSIC STEELHEAD. These are the rods that put G.Loomis on the map. They are light, sensitive and extremely efficient. In our opinion, the two most important factors in a steelhead rod. 10/11/2009 · The only thing I can say i actually like about my 8'6 are it's good for smaller rivers and I like it for tossing hardware. For drift fishing I use my 8'6 for smaller water and a 9'6 for larger. For float fishing I wouldn't go under a 9'6 unless your fishing around brush. The next rod Ima buy is gonna have to be 10'6 or maybe 11 for a float rod.

14/12/2014 · Best starter rod and reel for steelhead Hello gentlemen, I am just starting to get into steelhead fishing and was wondering if you guys could shed some light on some questions regarding the rod/reel/line I should be using for float fishing. A hardware rod will fish with the most versatility with an 8-17 rating however. Hardware rods word much, much better if you decide to make yours a casting version instead of a spinning. So much less twist and significantly increased accuracy on the cast leaves a spinning rod in the dust against a good casting rod.

Not to mention, every single rod has a bunch of jargon and abbreviations listed on them that don’t really help with your buying decision unless you know what you’re looking at. If you ever bought a fishing rod based on name or budget then you need to stick with me through this one.You want to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. 19/05/2010 · As a avid steelhead fisherman I would first recommend a custom tied rod. I have fished the G Loomis factory rods and while they are sensitive drift fishing I wasn't impressed with the overall rod. 30/03/2017 · I know its not bass fishing but want to make sure Im doing the right thing. I am just getting started steelhead fishing and interested in a 9ft medium cabelas steelhead rod. Im not fishing very large rivers just some lake Erie tributaries. would a 9ft medium action be good for bobber fishing? the. 27/10/2018 · I also used the rod when trying to catch albies. Unfortunately I haven't crossed paths with an albie yet. I paid about $300 for it when I bought it in '14. I'm seeing it listed at higher prices now. It's definitely worth the price if you want to spend a little more for a good rod.

An ideal steelhead rod for Great Lakes tributaries is a 10-foot, 7-weight. However, any 8½ to 11-foot, 6-9 weight rod could be used eff ectively. The fl y reel should have a smooth disc drag with enough capacity to hold the line and a minimum of 100 yards of 20-pound test backing. Fly line should match your rod and be.

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